Parties Involved in Pensions

In the UK there are legal and financial professionals specialising in pensions.  These professions and professional bodies range from those with legal and financial expertise, to those that provide qualifications in pensions provision.

A selection of these bodies are found in the relevant pages of the Study Manual.

 1. References

This section relates to the Parties Involved in Pensions and can be found in the relevant pages of the Retirement Provision Certificate Study Manual

2.Think about it

Can you think why having a broad understanding of these organisations and their objectives might be useful or helpful for you in your working role?

Think of how these organisations impact on you in your day to day role.

3. Fact Finding

The logos shown below belong to some of the main pensions related organisations in the UK.

Each logo is also a weblink so that you can explore the organisation to find out more about them:


Can you correctly identify the best organisation (from the list given above) to help each of the following people with their problems? 

  1. I am an ordinary member of the public, unhappy with the way I have been treated by the Trustees of my occupational pension scheme.
  2. I am an employer wanting some advice on my occupational pension scheme, which I am sure is being mismanaged.
  3. I am a Trustee for a small self-administered scheme and I would like some help and advice.


4. Test

You can now check your knowledge by a short test.  Once completed then check your answers against those given.

Parties Involved in Pensions Test

Parties Involved in Pensions Test Answers